About Iris

So, how did my art work end up on socks?

In July 2014,  I met Jill Focke, a professional fashion designer, at a gala, where we both donated works.  As we talked and became fast friends, I proposed the idea to Jill about collaborating our talents: Print my Art work on fabric and + her fashion designs.  (F & F Original Art and Design).  

January 2016: We supported a local vendor to print my art work on fabric, and the vendor, Shan, said , 'Hey, I thought your print would look cool on a sock."  My jaw dropped, I jumped around, and then asked, 'What Else Can You Do?', and that is how Iris Original Socks started in January 2016...Oh, and I print my own socks! 

To see other Iris Originals, please visit www.iArtIris.com and/or click on the logo to the left. 

I am a self-taught artist and art is my passion.  I have been painting for over 20 years, and my creativity, style and techniques have developed as I continue to have personal growth with life experiences.   My art is abstract, colorful, textured and full of motion.  I utlize bright and vibrant colors to set the mood. I apply different textures to add emphasis and depth; and I use motion to emphasis emotion. click on the logo to see Iris Original Art.